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Freitag, April 27, 2007

Spruch des Tages III

Der Schlüssel zum Herzen der Menschen wird nie unsere Klugheit, sondern immer unsere Liebe sein.
(Hermann von Bezzel)

Spruch des Tages II

Ein Schluck genügt, um zu wissen, wie das Meer schmeckt.
(Alexander Solschenizyn)

Spruch des Tages I

Rat sucht man oft gerade dann, wenn man schon die einzige Lösung kennt, aber nichts davon wissen will.
(Erica Jong)

Dienstag, April 24, 2007

Interessanter Ansatz zum Parallelisieren von Code: CCR

The Most Revolutionary Microsoft Technology You’ve Never Heard Of hat mich drauf aufmerksam gemacht.

Erklärt wird es gut im Channel 9 Video: CCR Programming - Jeffrey Richter and George Chrysanthakopoulos (ca. 1h)

(einfach nur vom Lesen des entsprechenden Artikels in der MSDN wäre bzw. ist mir die Coolness des Ansatzes entgangen)

Montag, April 23, 2007


Spruch des Tages

"The truth is that many people set rules
to keep from making decisions."

Mike Krzyzewski auf gmail

Sonntag, April 22, 2007

hotels finden

... geht gut bei

( gefällt mir auch)

Samstag, April 21, 2007

Spruch des Tages

The pesky thing about ethics is that sometimes doing the right thing means you don't get what you want.


stages of grief

Beware the 5 Stages of "Grief":

Few concepts have insinuated themselves into the popular culture as thoroughly as the so called "5 Stages of Grief": Denial, Anger, Bargaining, Depression, Acceptance. We've heard it from professionals in all areas of the healthcare system (who should know better) as well as from lay persons of all ages (who shouldn't). There is even a lengthy comedy routine about it by Dustin Hoffman playing Lenny Bruce in the movie Lenny. The time has now come to ditch it as the concept has done more harm than good.


It was mentioned above that Grieving only begins where the 5 Stages of "Grief" leave off. Grief professionals often use the concept of "Grief Work" to help the bereaved through grief resolution. One common definition of Grief Work is summarized by the acronym TEAR:

T = To accept the reality of the loss
E = Experience the pain of the loss
A = Adjust to the new environment without the lost object
R = Reinvest in the new reality

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timeout london

Freitag, April 20, 2007


How To Write Unmaintainable Code - Naming Conventions

Zellen invertieren (Zeilen+Spalten vertauschen) in Excel


  • Copy the data in one or more columns or rows.
  • Before you paste the copied data, right-click your first destination cell (the first cell of the row or column into which you want to paste your data), and then click Paste Special.
  • In the Paste Special dialog box, select Transpose, and then click OK.
  • Convert columns to rows, or rows to columns 

    (invert, transpose, swap columns and rows)

    ungarn-tag in hro

    am 21.04.07 laut Veranstaltungen der Deutsch-Ungarischen Gesellschaft in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern

    ndepend demo

    Screencast zu NDepend Compare Features (von hier)

    Save As Mp3 Tools

    Einige mir bisher neue Tools

    Montag, April 16, 2007


    Irgendwann ... will ich mal mit einer Großformatkamera fotografieren. Inspiriert nicht zuletzt durch The Online Photographer - More about the Ebony SV Wholeplate

    Sonntag, April 15, 2007

    3 min popsong

    1 intro
    2 verse
    3 chorus
    4 verse
    5 chorus
    6 bridge
    7 verse
    8 chorus
    9 chorus
    10 out

    Mut zur Vorfreude

    ist eigentlich albern, fast jeden ihrer Blogeinträge hier zu referenzieren, dennoch: The four stages of happiness: anticipate, savor, express, and reflect

    My research has shown me that a key to happiness is squeezing out as much happiness as possible from a happy event. Unhappy people don’t have fewer happy experiences as happy people, they just think about them less.

    google talk web edition

    in gmail geht es ja sowieso, aber wenn man es ohne gmail möchte:

    Seven tips for making yourself happier

    Stimmt alles, schön zusammengefasst:
    Seven tips for making yourself happier IN THE NEXT HOUR.

    Donnerstag, April 12, 2007

    savage love

    Dan Savage: Savage Love

    good, bad, right, growth -> happiness

    After a huge amount of thought and false starts, I arrived at my formula: to be happier, think about feeling good, feeling bad, and feeling right, in an atmosphere of growth.

    Therefore, applying my formula, I would say that “happiness” is a life in which you:

     Work to have many opportunities to feel good – to have fun, to feel love, to learn about things that interest you, to feel sensual pleasure, to see friends and family, to connect with other people, to feel of service to others, to have energy, to feel control, etc.… (positive affect)
     Work to eliminate sources of feeling bad – instances in which you feel anger, resentment, irritation, guilt, anxiety, boredom, grudges, worthlessness, disorder, exasperation, frustration, failure, etc. (negative affect)
     Work to feel right about your life – take steps to live the kind of life you feel that you “ought” to be leading, in terms of job, family, location, service, etc. (life satisfaction)
     Work to include an aspect of growth in your life – a sense of progress, advancement, increasing abundance, potential, opportunity, learning, mastery, responsibility

    from Gretchen Rubin - what is happiness

    Mittwoch, April 11, 2007