Freitag, Januar 29, 2016

9 bad programming habits we secretly love

Yes, we've all violated any number of the cardinal rules of programming, the ones that everyone agrees are bad. And we secretly liked it.


To make matters more complex, sometimes it's better to break the rules. (Shhhh!) The code comes out cleaner. It may even be faster and simpler. The rules are usually a bit too broad, and an artful programmer can improve the code by breaking them. Don’t tell your boss, but sometimes it makes sense to code your own way.

What follows is a list of nine rules that some may consider unimpeachable, but many of us break often, with both success and pleasure.

Montag, Januar 25, 2016

Open Live Writer

Zum Schreiben von Blog Posts war Windows Live Writer top. Jetzt hat Microsoft losgelassen und ihn frei gegeben, mit Quellcode! So geht auch Blogger wieder damit.

Den Code werde ich mir auch mal anschauen:

Mittwoch, Januar 20, 2016

When a Hippo runs a company
Leaders like Johnson have a special name at Amazon: they’re called HiPPOs, which stands for “highest paid person’s opinion.” HiPPOs are leaders who are so self-assured that they need neither other’s ideas nor data to affirm the correctness of their instinctual beliefs. Relying on their experience and smarts, they are quick to shoot down contradictory positions and dismissive of underling’s input.