Donnerstag, Juni 11, 2015

Elements of Modern C++ Style

  • auto
  • smart pointers
  • nullptr
  • Range for
  • begin(x), end(x)
  • lambdas []() { return 1;}
  • move semantics with move and &&
  • initialize multiple values with {}

Mittwoch, Juni 10, 2015

Listening to your own song loop for too long

Have you ever listened to a loop so long that you kind of get lost in a zone? It’s a fantastic experience when you are listening to music, but not when you are writing it.

[…] You are no longer hearing what is coming through your speakers, but more of a fantasy version of it. This can make an average sounding idea sound better than it actually is.

To avoid this, you should try to avoid listening to your song idea as a constant loop too much. Listen to your song start to finish & take mental notes along the way. This way, when you listen back, you are taking an active role instead of putting yourself in a passive self hypnosis role. You want to check in with yourself often & make sure your brain isn’t filling in the blanks.

Promise Like a Pro

Dienstag, Juni 09, 2015

Nochmal R Advanced R Buch

R-Studio hat sich sehr gemacht


R und C++ Kopplung

Als Notebook in RStudio speichern - knitr, wieder Stichwort reproducible research

IPython notebooks - reproducible research
interactive computational environment, in which you can combine code execution, rich text, mathematics, plots and rich media
Ich bin begeistert. Es geht in Richtung Matlab / Mathematica / Maple Komfort für's rapid algorithm prototyping mit 0€.
Die verschiedenen Intensitäten der Partizipation sind pragmatisch abgedeckt: nur angucken, teilweise nachvollziehen ohne alles da zu haben (Daten, Software Pakete); komplett nachstellen.