Mittwoch, Juni 11, 2008

How much fun is your workplace?

How does your workplace measure up? Take Gostick and Christopher’s quiz:


New employees are made to feel welcome
Meetings are positive and light
We have fun activities at least once a month
It’s common to hear people laughing around here
I can be myself at work
We have a lot of celebrations for special events
When brainstorming, we like to have fun
My boss is usually optimistic and smiling
Customers would call us fun to do business with
I have a friend at work who makes me laugh
We have a good time together

Montag, Juni 09, 2008

Freitag, Juni 06, 2008

Monitoring Hudson

Update 2008-07-01: am besten finde ich im Moment CCTray  mit einer aktuellen Version von Hudson
(hudson 1.210 z.B. reportete noch komische Datumsangaben im cc.xml und brachte CCTray bei den Meldungen durcheinander)

Montag, Juni 02, 2008

Fotofestival in Zingst

Ausstellungen und Workshops auf gutem Niveau, so scheint es

31. Mai bis 8. Juni 2008