Montag, März 13, 2006

Users shouldn't think about YOU

To prove this, I took it to the extreme in my own Java classes - I stopped introducing myself completely. At first, I simply cut down my own introduction, while simultaneously increasing the time devoted to their introductions. But eventually I went all the way and simply walked into class and started, without ever saying my name or anything at all. I just jumped into having them introduce themselves, and then we were off and running.

Somewhere, usually during the first day of class, some student would ask my name because they needed to ask me for help during a lab. When that happened, I would walk over to the board and say to everyone, "Oops -- sorry, guys--I forgot to tell you my name", and I'd write my email address on the board (which was then So even when I did give them my name, it was in the context of a way in which they could contact me for help. I made even my own introduction about what it meant to them.

Users shouldn't think about YOU (Kathy Sierra )

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